Bill Maher Talks Sarah Palin's Son, John Edwards's Sex Tape, And Glenn Beck's Tea Bag (VIDEO)

Bill Maher is back with the eighth season of "Real Time" premiering this Friday on HBO. To catch up with his fans he's recorded a rant on everything that happened during his hiatus, hitting on topics from health care to Sarah Palin's Fox deal to the Conan/Leno drama.

In true Maher fashion, he explained that Sarah Palin was prepared for the role of Fox News analyst by talking to her Down Syndrome son. This comes on the heels of a comedy controversy in which "Family Guy" mocked Trig Palin. Perhaps coincidentally (but we don't believe that for a minute) Seth MacFarlane will be Bill's guest this week on the roundtable along with Norah O'Donnell and Eliot Spitzer.