Bill Maher Calls For Unity: 'You Can't Unfriend 47 Percent Of America'

“Like it or not, we’re living with Trump now."

Bill Maher wants to build bridges.

The “Real Time” host was a vocal critic of President-elect Donald Trump throughout his campaign and has since urged Democrats to “stop being so nice” in a bid to regain power. But he now wants America to come together in the wake of the Republican candidate’s election victory.

Like it or not, we’re living with Trump now,” the comedian said on Friday, before adding that currently “half the country literally wants nothing to do with the other half.”

Maher said this simply isn’t a sustainable way to live, likening it to a version of roommate hell.

“You can unfriend someone whose politics you don’t like, but you can’t unfriend 47 percent of America,” he quipped. “Roommates can move out, patriots can’t. America needs you, more than ever, right here with me and the rest of the resistance until we can figure out how to really make America great again.”

Check it out in the clip above.