Bill Maher's New Rule About 'God' On Money (VIDEO)

WATCH: Maher's New Rule About God On Money

It's not exactly surprising that the self-styled "America's favorite celebrity atheist" would have a problem with putting the word "God" on our currency. But when Mitt Romney made the pledge last week that he would never change that -- after literally no one asked him if he would -- Maher was ready to pounce, and pounce he did on at the end of Friday's New Rules segment on "Real Time."

"If there's one place God should not be, it's on money. One is a supreme, all-powerful entity that Americans worship above all else. And the other is God."

Evangelistic voters may not be as important this election than in past, but it seems that religion will play some role in this election. And Maher finds that more than a little hypocritical, especially on the part of one of the candidates.

"It is kinda funny to put 'God' on money," Maher said. "This is the same God who sent his son down to beat up the money lenders. If Jesus got angry and kicked the money changers out of the temple, imagine how apeshit he'd have gone at Bain Capital."

Watch the clip above to see the entire New Rules segment, and as an added bonus, try to count the number of times panelist Chris Hayes loses it.

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