Bill Maher: Jesus Just F*cked Tim Tebow Bad

Twitter continues to swell with a flood of complaints against comedian Bill Maher in response to a particularly scathing Tweet the outspoken television host made about Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow during Christmas Eve's Broncos-Bills showdown, NBC Sports reports.

Tebow had just thrown his fourth interception of the game (the Broncos eventually lost 14-41) when Bill Maher Tweeted to his roughly 872,000 followers:

Choosing not to respond to the crack, or perhaps unaware of it, Tebow's post-game Tweet made no mention of Maher:

Others however decided to take Maher head-on. The Tweet spurred a huge reaction on Twitter from the many conservatives and Tebow fans who were outraged by Maher. Eric Bolling of Fox News shot back at Maher with the Tweet:

Some fans are even calling to boycott Maher by canceling their subscriptions to HBO, the channel which airs Maher's show "Real Time with Bill Maher," Fox News reports.

It remains to be seen whether the Maher backlash will stem the recent tide of Tebow-lampooning, which often pokes fun at the quarterback's religious ardor. Tebow has been vocal about his Christian values, famously starring in a controversial pro-life Superbowl commercial while he was still in college. Upon entering the NFL, his in-game ritual of kneeling on the field and praying to God inspired the popular Internet meme "Tebowing." The past few months have seen both a sketch on Saturday Night Live and an article in The Onion.

Will Maher reprise his controversial tweet during next week's Broncos game? Either way he plays it, and whether the Broncos win or lose, they'll still win the AFC West title and earn the No. 4 seed.