Meet The Guinness World Record Holder For Darth Vader Memorabilia

"Anything you can think of, there is a Darth Vader example for that and I own it."

A long time ago, in a galaxy very near to ours, a young padawan named Bill McBride began a lifelong journey as a "Star Wars" collector. Three-hundred thousand dollars later, McBride has officially become the world's biggest collector of Darth Vader memorabilia with 63,210 pieces.

"The first time I saw 'Star Wars' in the theater, I was about six years old and the moment that Darth Vader walked out on screen, I was just immediately taken with the character," McBride said.

As you enter McBride's "Vader Vault" -- just one of the rooms in his D.C. home dedicated to all things Vader -- watches, piggy banks, card figures, check books, sweatshirts, roller skates, coffee makers and more, all inspired by the Sith Lord himself, fill the shelves.

"Anything you can think of, there is a Darth Vader example for that and I own it," the collector said.

But to be awarded the epic world record, McBride had to tally up the rooms, boxes and shelves worth of his prized items, enlisting the help from his wife, friends and the D.C Star Wars club.

"Thank you guys for coming out. It means a lot," McBride told his volunteers. "It's going to be a fairly simple process: take a box, put it on the table, go through identify what we have and then we're going to tally it up. I'm going to apologize in advance -- a lot of this stuff has been packed away for awhile so it'll be like Christmas."

After submitting evidence to Guinness World Records of his tens of thousands of Vader-tokens, McBride walked away victorious, destined to rule the record forever.

The video above is an episode of the "In a Galaxy" series exclusively on go90.

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