Bill Moyers On "Daily Show": 'A Lot Of News Organizations No Longer Do Much Reporting' (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart interviewed best-selling author and prize-winning journalist Bill Moyers last night on "The Daily Show" about the integrity of journalism and his new book, "Bill Moyers Journal: The Conversation Continues."

Moyers described what journalism should be using a hockey simile: Wayne Gretzky once said that when he's playing, he goes where the puck is heading, rather than where it is. Moyers said that "when you do that, you gain a certain authority from being right more often than wrong."

When Stewart asked Moyers what the he thinks the biggest lapse in journalism is, Moyers stated that many journalists only provide their opinions instead of providing the facts. He thinks that "a lot of news organizations no longer do much reporting."

Moyers ends with summing up what good journalism should be: "It's comparative. It's not declarative."

For part 2 of the interview, visit "The Daily Show" website.