Bill Moyers And Stephen Colbert Talk Corporations, Racism (VIDEO)

Public television icon Bill Moyers sat down with Stephen Colbert on Tuesday, and was called a racist more times than he probably has been in a while.

Moyers was on to promote his new television show, "Moyers and Company." He said that the aim of the show was to "look at America through the experiences of a lot of people who don't make it onto most television shows."

Colbert asked him about capitalism. Moyers said the system is "out of control," and criticized the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision. As he put it, the decision said that a corporation was a person "even though it doesn't eat, drink, make love, sing, raise children or take care of aging parents. You cannot have a peoples' democracy as long as corporations are considered people."

After the audience's applause died down, Colbert said, "You understand that you sound like a racist, okay? And that Southern accent is not helping you." Moyers took that one in stride.

Later, Colbert received word that Mitt Romney had won the New Hampshire primary. He recalled Romney's famous "corporations are people" comment.

"As a friend of mine from texas says, he will believe corporations are people when Texas executes one," Moyers said.

"So you're racist and bloodthirsty," Colbert responded.

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