Garry Trudeau Explains The Complicated Process Of Casting Bill Murray

Proof That It's Basically Impossible To Track Down Bill Murray

Bill Murray's habit of falling off the grid and subsequently popping up in the most unexpected places is almost as legendary as his comedic chops. Just ask Garry Trudeau.

Trudeau is a Pulitzer Prize winner and the creator of "Alpha House," one of Amazon's buzzy new original series, and he hit the guest-star jackpot for the series' second season when Murray agreed to appear on the show. But it wasn't easy.

From contacting the elusive Murray through Trudeau's wife Jane Pauley to the "Alpha House" crew experiencing "a lot of heartburn worrying" about whether Murray would actually show up, casting the comedy legend was a challenge, but Trudeau said it has undoubtedly paid off.

See more about working with the mysterious Bill Murray in the video above, and click here for the full HuffPost Live conversation with Garry Trudeau.

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