Bill Murray As FDR: Star Signs On For 'Hyde Park On The Hudson'

In what is perhaps the strangest and most delightful Presidential portrayal of all time, a month after rumors first surfaced, Bill Murray has indeed signed on to star as Franklin Delano Roosevelt in the upcoming film "Hyde Park on the Hudson."

The film, which will focus on King George VI's 1939 visit to FDR's residence on the Hudson River in New York, will also tackle the President's affair with his distant cousin, Daisy. Focus Features is producing the film; Deadline reported in March that the studio used Murray's tentative agreement to sell potential cast members on joining the movie.

Roger Michell will direct the film; no other cast has been announced.

King George VI, of course, was portrayed to perfection by Colin Firth in "The King's Speech"; Firth won the Best Actor Oscar for the role, and the film won Best Picture.

Murray just recently signed on to star in Wes Anderson's new film, "Moonrise Kingdom," as he again ramps up his enigmatic yet brilliant career.