Bill Murray As FDR? 'Hyde Park On The Hudson' Lands Star, Report Says

Bill Murray To Play FDR In New Film: Report

If there's one man who can rescue America from the Great Depression and lead the world in its fight against the barbaric, conquering Axis Powers, it's Bill Murray.

Wait, what?

According to New York Magazine's Vulture blog, "Hyde Park On the Hudson," Focus Features' recently announced film about King George VI's visit to President Franklin Roosevelt's estate on the Hudson River, has landed a commitment from the enigmatic comedy legend to play the four term president. The story, adapted from a British radio play, focuses on both the King's visit and Roosevelt's alleged affair with his distant cousin, Daisy.

It would be a dramatic turn for Murray, who has in recent years excelled in more serious parts. He won a Golden Globe and was nominated for an Oscar for his starring turn as a depressed actor in the 2003 film "Lost In Translation," and excelled as a man searching for a long lost son in 2005's "Broken Flowers."

Deadline offers that Focus has been reportedly telling potential cast members that Murray is committed, though Focus has denied that charge.

In 2008, Murray took on the role of a corrupt mayor in sci-fi film "City of Ember," and though the role doesn't quite equate, he talked to the Chicago Tribune about his take on politicians.

"They've all disappointed. They're like crack girls; no matter how attractive they are, they're going to break your heart," he said.

Murray is also signed up for Wes Anderson's next film, "Moon Rise Kingdom," and is still holding up potential production on "Ghostbusters 3" with his earnest commitment to not reading the script.

For more on the Roosevelt casting, click over to Vulture.

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