Bill Murray Looked Like The Black Swan On 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!'

No explanation needed.

Sorry, Natalie Portman. You've got some new competition for Black Swan.

"Jimmy Kimmel Live!" kicked off the first night of its Brooklyn week with a brand new set that was all done up. Still, it wasn't quite as done up as Bill Murray.

Kimmel recently told The Huffington Post that "no one ever has any idea what [Murray] is actually going to do, or if he’s even going to show up." But show up he did. Without any real explanation, the actor came out donning "Black Swan"-like makeup and wearing a pretty Shakespearean getup.

Maybe the reason was Kimmel's ballet performance earlier in the show, or perhaps it was the fact that Murray was mourning his Cubs' recent playoff loss, or maybe it doesn't matter at all because he's Bill. Freaking. Murray.

Image: Imgur

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