Bill Murray Movies: At His 61st Birthday, What Are His Best Films? (VIDEO)

From the launching pad of Second City Chicago to "Saturday Night Live" to the big screen, Bill Murray has become one of the most iconic comedy actors of the past thirty five years. So he has that going for him.

Alternating between trademark deadpan wit and scatterbrained goofiness, Murray has pushed out in a wide variety of roles over his career, with some of his most diverse takes coming over the past 15 years. A brief dossier for the Oscar nominee would reveal that he's chased gophers, faked his way through the military, fought a giant marshmallow man, learned the meaning of Christmas, lived the same day over and over again, befriended a brilliant little playwright and got lost in translation in Tokyo, all with an even keeled brilliance that few can touch.

Part of his allure, however, also comes from his eclectic public image; the hatred for doing press, the difficulty studios and producers have contacting him, the late night forays into New York City karaoke bars and whispering into unsuspecting pedestrians' ears... amongst many other things.

There's a Murray movie for every taste; below, check out the clips from some of his most famous flicks and vote on your favorite.