Bill Murray: 'I’ve Never Seen Netflix In My Life'

But that didn't stop him from making a Christmas special for the streaming service.

Bill Murray never ceases to surprise. 

In typically outré fashion, the comedy legend is making a holiday special for Netflix -- "A Very Murray Christmas" -- that will be directed by Sofia Coppola and feature an eclectic, star-studded cast including Amy Poehler, George Clooney and ... Miley Cyrus? OK. Sure. 

Even weirder? Murray put this whole thing together even though he has never used Netflix in his life.

The actor appeared on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" on Monday night -- wearing, it must be said, a "Swan Lake" costume --  and admitted that he doesn't even really understand how Netflix works. 

“I’ve never seen Netflix in my life,” Murray said. “I have no idea how to get it. And it’s unfortunate that I’ll never see this show.”

In the clip above, Murray reveals that his luddism isn't quite complete: Even though he's never tried out the website that swallows up two-fifths of U.S. Internet bandwidth and is signing his paychecks, he has used Google before ... to find maps. 


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