Bill Murray Slow Motion Movie: Actor Walks In Slow Motion (VIDEO)

Bill Murray, the coolest person you've never met, has added another nearly-unbelievable story to his legendary repertoire of weirdness: at some point last year, the actor made a slow-motion movie.

Unearthed by someone on Reddit (via Badass Digest) right before the long holiday weekend, the video was actually made by Murray in lieu of giving an autograph.

"This is not a trailer for a real film," Vimeo user David Walton Smith wrote last year. "Bill Murray was kind enough to grant us our wish of walking down the hallway in slow motion -- simple. This is better than autograph."

Murray is used to participating in slow motion shots: director Wes Anderson, with whom Murray has made six movies, is known for using the technique in his films.

Watch the clip above -- which makes excellent use of the Kinks song "Powerman," a track Anderson used in "The Darjeeling Limited" -- and check out Murray in Anderson's latest, "Moonrise Kingdom," out in limited release now.

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