Bill Nelson Loses Bet, Plows Through 46 Pushups Like There's No Tomorrow

WASHINGTON -- It was an otherwise ordinary Wednesday afternoon on Capitol Hill, until Sen. Bill Nelson (D-Fla.) lured reporters into a Senate room, dropped to the floor and did 46 pushups at warp speed.

Nelson lost a bet to Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) over the Stanley Cup. Nelson offered Florida's famous Cuban sandwiches to Durbin if his team, the Tampa Bay Lightning, lost to Durbin's team, the Chicago Blackhawks. Durbin made promises of Chicago beer and popcorn. But the loser also had to do the same number of pushups as goals scored in the entire series. That meant that Nelson, whose team lost 2-0 on Tuesday, had to pay up with 23 pushups.

The press was invited to come watch the Florida senator be demoralized by Durbin. But really, Nelson, who is 72 freaking years old, put everyone to shame with his superhuman pushups. As he positioned himself on the floor, he became a blur of his former self as Durbin counted aloud, "1, 2, 3...."

Nelson said he didn't even prepare. "No warm-up," he boasted beforehand.

He also bargained with Durbin to do double the number of pushups in exchange for not having to go to Tampa and find Cuban sandwiches for him. Durbin agreed.

"Thank god you lost the bet and I didn't," Durbin told Nelson after watching him breeze through the pushups. "They would have been carrying me out on a stretcher."

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