Bill Nye Batters Republicans, Fox News With Emotional Plea On Climate Change

“The Science Guy” offered three words to conservative lawmakers while addressing Hurricane Ian's impact.

Bill Nye has a request for GOP lawmakers, Fox News and Tucker Carlson following the dozens of deaths, damaged homes and flooded roads due to Hurricane Ian’s impact last week.

“If we don’t acknowledge there’s a problem, we’re not going to get it done,” Nye, better known as “The Science Guy,” told CNN’s Jim Acosta on Saturday.

Nye, who reflected on Ian’s size and its economic impact on Florida, spoke about how climate change plays a role in hurricanes as well as actions people can take to address climate change on their own.

Then, he spoke directly to Republicans in Congress:

“And so I just want to ask conservative lawmakers to cut it out. I understand that you want to get reelected. I understand that you have this primary system which motivates you to get these hardcore conservative voters engaged. But look, you’ve just, just cut it out.”

Nye didn’t mention Fox News or Carlson by name, but referred to an “infamous, notorious” host of a “competitive, conservative” network who he said cherry-picked hurricane data.

“This data, it’s not an out-and-out lie but it is absolutely misleading and I just ask everybody on the other side to cut it out,” Nye said.

You can watch Nye’s comments on CNN below.

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