Why Does Bill Nye Wear Bow Ties? 'Science Guy' Explains In Video

WATCH: Why Bill Always Wears A Bow

The name Bill Nye is almost as synonymous with bow ties as it is with science.

In fact, America's beloved science evangelist has been wearing bow ties ever since his days as host of "Bill Nye The Science Guy" way back in the 1990s -- and it's difficult to dig up a photo or video of Nye without his trademark fashion accessory.

So what explains Nye's bow tie obsession?

In a rare video interview uploaded to YouTube last September by the Television Academy Foundation, Nye admits that though he began wearing bow ties as far back as high school, he wore a (brace yourself) plain old necktie in the first episode of "Bill Nye the Science Guy." He quickly decided to swap it for the bow. Watch the video above to learn why...

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