Evolution Expertly Explained With Emoji. Thank You, Bill Nye


More than 40 percent of Americans say they don’t accept evolution as scientific fact. Could emoji possibly change their minds?

Bill Nye collaborated with the website Mashable to create an educational video about the basics of evolution -- presented with the help of lots of emoji. Check out the video above, which was posted to YouTube on Dec. 12.

Molecules never looked so adorable.


Why emojis? Mashable assistant editor Eric Larson wrote in an article accompanying the video that, “kids these days speak a whole different language, what with their Google-y Docs and Tinder snaps. In an effort to save them, we asked Bill Nye to break down the basic concepts of evolution using only emoji. You're welcome, Generation Z."

Bill Nye's emoji-filled evolution explainer was filmed as part of General Electric's #EmojiScience event in New York. Watch this video to learn more about the event.

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