Bill Nye, Joe Bastardi Debate Global Warming On The O'Reilly Factor (VIDEO)

Bill Nye, Joe Bastardi Debate Global Warming On The O'Reilly Factor (VIDEO)

Bill Nye the Science Guy and Accuweather meteorologist Joe Bastardi debated manmade global warming on The O'Reilly Factor on Monday. Nye focused on climate changes over time, pointing out that the overarching trends reveal a warming climate, while Bastardi framed his argument by zooming in on different time frames, most notably the most recent winter that deniers have been using to prop up their argument.

Since each use different metrics for gauging data, their arguments don't connect for most of the debate. The most interesting aspect of the whole exchange is the tone that Nye and Bastardi take. Nye takes the calm approach, explaining his reasoning in a levelheaded way:

Carbon dioxide is a very strong greenhouse gas. It has a very long residence time in the atmosphere. It is making the world warmer. Along with methane and other human activities. In whose best interest is it to deny this stuff?

Bastardi's tone overwhelms his argument, as he gets progressively more overexcited, and at times sarcastic:

So what you have to believe, folks, is this that the sun, plus the oceans, plus the volcanic activity plus natural reversal has less effect than the yearly human contribution equal to the width of a hair on a one kilometer bridge of a trace gas needed for life. So, if you want to believe that you can go ahead and believe that.

We applaud Bill Nye's savvy and calm explanations throughout the interview. We think more climate scientists should take his media approach when talking with climate deniers!


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