Bill Nye Takes On Creationist Ken Ham (VIDEO)

WATCH: Bill Nye Takes On Creationist Ken Ham

It was a debate for the ages -- although in this case, the ages in question are either 6,000 or several billion.

Bill Nye, TV's "Science Guy," debated the age of the universe, evolution and other matters of science vs. faith with creationist Ken Ham at the Creation Museum in Petersburg, Ky.

For more than two hours, the pair argued over tree rings, ice core samples, the distance of the stars, vegetarian lions and the technology used to date wood and rock.

Not surprisingly, neither made any revelations that converted the other. And judging by the responses on Twitter, it's unlikely they changed any minds in the audience.

With apologies to Nye, an unscientific survey of the responses shows a bias in favor of the Science Guy.

Ham had a few tweets in his corner.

I am loving the #CreationDebate. It's such a wake up call for us (Christians) to know our stuff. Dig deep. Know what you believe.

— Ryan Wesley Smith (@RyanWesleySmith) February 5, 2014

YouTube reported that more than half a million people watching towards the end, although some say that number is up for debate.

The debate comes as some U.S. school districts attempt to teach creationism alongside evolution, which a third of Americans reject outright, according to a recent Pew survey. And while 60 percent of Americans believe in evolution, a quarter believe that it happened under the guiding hand of a supreme being.

Nye has been passionate about keeping biblical ideas of creation out of public education. In 2012, Nye famously posted a video on YouTube begging parents who believe in creationism not to teach it to their kids.

Ham is head of both Answers In Genesis and the "state of the art" Creation Museum, which opened in 2007.

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this story mistakenly said the Creation Museum opened in 2012. It debuted in 2007.

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