'Bill Nye The Science Guy' Is Now On Netflix; Cue Nostalgic Binge-Watching

Stop the presses and return home immediately: “Bill Nye the Science Guy” is now on Netflix. We repeat, “Bill Nye the Science Guy” is now on Netflix.

Social media has been abuzz this week with the news that several episodes of the beloved science show had landed on Netflix, where they are now available for streaming.

Bill Nye the Science Guy” first aired on PBS Kids between 1993 and 1998. Currently, 30 episodes of the show -- out of 100 -- are available online. Episodes include “Gravity,” “Digestion” and “Pollution Solutions.”

As The Daily Dot points out, some of the science covered in the show is now outdated. For instance, Pluto is no longer a planet (thanks in part to Nye's friend and collaborator Neil de Grasse Tyson); and the human genome had yet to be mapped.

Still, Nye’s show remains informative and fun -- and it’ll certainly suffuse you with plenty of nostalgia.



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