Bill Nye Talking About Sex With Neil deGrasse Tyson Is The Education We All Needed In School

When he's not busy burning Neil deGrasse Tyson on astrophysics, Bill Nye is more than happy to educate the world on everything from national parks to climate change. And apparently, he's the sex ed teacher we never knew we needed. ... Procreation schmocreation.

Nye joined deGrasse Tyson at New York City's Museum of Sex to chat "dating, sex and relationships, the science of" as part of the new StarTalk television show on National Geographic Channel.

"When it comes to sex, we're all animals," Nye says in the clip from the show. "Sex is how you pass your genes into the future. It's evolution's way of providing innovation. But when it comes to humans, we want to have sex all the time. Evolutionary processes created this super hard drive to have sex, anytime, anywhere."

Despite Nye's purely scientific explanation, many students still get a shockingly limited view of sex education in America (if they get any at all). Teachers are perfectly able to teach in ways biased against certain races or ethnicities and promote specific religious agendas, a recent Guttmacher Institute study found. And the United States has the highest teen pregnancy rate out of all the world's developed countries.

But if anyone can make education fun, it's Bill Nye the Science Guy. "You know all this talk about sex is making me hungry. Wait that's not what I meant. All this talk about sex is making me horny," he says. Take a look at the clip above.

The full episode of this StarTalk episode airs Monday, May 4 at 11 p.m. EDT.



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