Bill Nye The Science Guy Shows Up To Astronomy Class To 'Spice Things Up' (PHOTO)

One Redditor's astronomy professor at Arizona State University was concerned that his class was getting a bit boring -- so he asked a friend to come and guest teach for a day "to spice things up."

This is what happened.

That's right. Bill Nye the Science Guy stopped by. And he gave a rather memorable lecture, according to Redditor han_yolo:

The nuttiest part about the whole thing was at the end of the lecture he started talking about things that we would need to do in our lifetime to "save the world." Of course he talked about global warming, but then he brought up a picture of a meteor and said something along the lines of, "So someone in your generation needs to come up with something to block this from the earth, you don't need to be the scientist behind it, but you could be the businessman that sponsors it, the machinist who builds it etc." It was almost like we were being debriefed by Bill Nye to save the world. I've never felt so inspired.

We love that America's favorite scientist took time out of his busy schedule to pass on some knowledge.

We can confirm that Nye was at ASU, incidentally: He gave the keynote speech at SpaceVision 2013 there on Thursday.

You can view that speech below:



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