Bill Nye the Science Guy, Subject of Documentary Feature, Advocates for Women in STEM

From 1993 through 1998 and beyond, Bill Nye has been The Science Guy, inspiring many to pursue careers in science and technology. Bill Nye's fans who are now parents share the program with their children, reaching yet another generation. In the years since his program aired, Bill Nye has passionately advocated for climate change, space policy, and the need for more girls and women in STEM.

Nye shares his work was inspired by his mother, a gifted mathematician who was a Top Secret Code Breaker with U.S. Navy during World War II, recruited to work on the Enigma Code, which is said to have shortened the War by a year and a half.

Watch Bill Nye discuss his mother's influence here.

As a result of my mom, I would remind us rather that half of the
humans are girls or women... so why don't we have all half of the
scientist be women? Let half of the scientists and engineers be women.
We'll see what happens.

Through August 13, Bill Nye's fans have an opportunity to join Kickstarter campaign to fund an upcoming feature film, "The Bill Nye Film," a full-access exclusive film about Bill Nye, and to social media share how Nye has inspired them.

The film's Kickstarter campaign has raised over a quarter of the $650,000 goal. If fully funded, the campaign will be the highest funded campaign for a documentary feature. Backers receive exclusive updates from the road as well as an invitation to a New York party with Bill Nye, and will be eligible for special "rewards," including signed books and promotional memorabilia, a Google Hangout, tickets to an Amazing Science Shindig, and Bill Nye as a substitute teacher.

The production team headed by David Alvarado and Jason Sussberg of Structure Films ("The Immortalists") includes Academy Award-winning producer Seth Gordon ("King of Kong", "Undefeated") , The Agency Group's Nick Pampanella who wrote and produced "Bill Nye the Science Guy: Live," and Kate McClean.

The film, in production, is using Kickstarter for funding and to connect with Nye's audience through contributions to the campaign as well as a social media share campaign.

"We have launched a social media campaign to share personal stories about how Bill Nye changed their lives, running under the hashtag #billbillbill," says McLean. "People can post a video telling their story on Facebook or Twitter. They can also write a post or a Tweet with a photo. At the end of our campaign, a panel of judges will pick the top stories that reflect the spirit of the film. Winners will get some great prizes, including tickets to a science-themed party with Bill Nye."

Directors Alvarado and Sussberg, who met at Stanford University's MFA program in Documentary Film and Video, share:

We're documentary filmmakers, but we're also hardcore Bill Nye fans who spent our middle school years learning about the ecosystem and the color spectrum from his trusty VHS tapes. Bill's passion and enthusiasm stayed with us, and when we got older, we started making films about science and technology. When we learned that Bill Nye was doing something new, working outside of the classroom to champion science and space exploration and the fight against climate change, we knew we had to make this documentary.

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