Bill O'Reilly Claims To Know How Martin Luther King Jr. Would Feel About BLM Protests

Fox News host claims social justice movement "encourages violence through irresponsible rhetoric."

Fox News host Bill O’Reilly claims to know how Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. would have felt about the Black Lives Matter movement: The civil rights hero would want nothing to do with it. 

While President Barack Obama said well-meaning protesters shouldn’t be held accountable for the actions of those who “say things that are stupid or imprudent or overgeneralized or harsh,” O’Reilly blameed the entire movement for the words and actions of a few. 

“Well-meaning activists do not associate themselves with a group that often commits violent acts and encourages violence through irresponsible rhetoric,” O’Reilly said. “Dr. King would not participate in a Black Lives Matter protest.”

Watch O’Reilly’s full explanation, as well as a discussion with conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer, in the clip above.  



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