Bill O'Reilly, Activist, Umbrella Clash In Washington Ambush (VIDEO)


A man with a camera had a rough encounter with Bill O'Reilly on Wednesday.

Brenden Lane, a Wisconsin activist, spotted O'Reilly in Washington, coming out of the same hotel where Newt Gingrich was holding a pricey fundraiser. He walked up to O'Reilly, who was holding an umbrella in the rain, and asked him if he had been at the Gingrich event.

"Leave me alone," O'Reilly said. It is not entirely clear what happened next, but O'Reilly's umbrella suddenly blocked the camera's view and Lane cried out. "Hey, sorry about that," O'Reilly said, before beginning to get into a car. In the video, Lane goes on to accuse O'Reilly of intentionally hitting him with his umbrella.

Talking Points Memo writes that O'Reilly was likely not at the Gingrich fundraiser, and was heading to the annual White House holiday party for journalists (where he has memorably wined and dined with the likes of Joy Behar in the past.)

To see an interview with Lane, click over to Talking Points Memo.

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