Bill O'Reilly: Al Gore Is A 'Hypocrite;' 'Disgraceful' To Sell Current TV To Al Jazeera (VIDEO)

WATCH: Bill O'Reilly Rages Against Al Gore

Bill O'Reilly laid into Al Gore for selling Current TV, calling the former vice president a "hypocrite" and the deal "sleazy" and "disgraceful."

O'Reilly took issue with a New York Times report that said that Gore tried to avoid higher tax rates by closing the deal in 2012. He also criticized Gore's decision to sell the network to Al Jazeera, which O'Reilly described as the "anti-American network out of Qatar that recently ran a documentary sympathetic to Osama bin Laden."

"Little Al Gore was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, and maybe it should have stayed there," O'Reilly said. "[Gore] became a champion of the left, cashing in big time on the global warming issue ... and used some of that money to invest in a far-left cable network, which has been a colossal failure. So Al and his merry men decided to sell that network, and according to the New York Times, they wanted to close the deal last week to avoid the higher capital gains tax this year," O'Reilly said.

"Sounds like good business sense right? But here's what's confusing," he added. O'Reilly played a clip of Gore advocating for higher taxes for the country's wealthiest individuals so they can give "their fair share."

"Oh to do our fair share, isn't that fascinating?" O'Reilly said, his tone dripping with mockery. "I guess that means selling assets at the lower capital gains rate."

O'Reilly said it was "stunning" to hear that "a former vice president of the United States [was] selling his far-left cable operation to anti-Americans and trying to jam the deal to avoid taxes to the federal government." He added that Gore "shamed himself" by selling Current TV to Al Jazeera.

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