Bill O'Reilly Defends Himself, Says He Donated $25,000 To Al Sharpton's Charity

Feud Between Bill O'Reilly, Al Sharpton Takes Another Turn

In the latest round of their ongoing feud, Bill O'Reilly said on Thursday that he once donated $25,000 to Al Sharpton's charity in Harlem.

O'Reilly made the revelation after Sharpton criticized a segment he did about food stamps. O'Reilly had said that the program was rife with abuses, and allowed some people to be "parasites" — which prompted Sharpton to accuse him of "attacking the poor." O'Reilly said on Thursday that Sharpton had taken his comments out of context.

"And here's the crusher on Sharpton," the Fox News host said, defending himself. "He's been portraying me as a racist and a brutalizer of the poor. A few years ago Sharpton told me that his charity in Harlem, New York, was out of money and that it could not provide Christmas presents and Christmas dinners to hundreds of poor people in Harlem. So I gave Sharpton a $25,000 donation to provide the gifts and the food."

"I never mentioned it, because it wasn’t necessary to mention it," O'Reilly continued. "But now it is. To prove exactly what kind of person Sharpton is."

Sharpton responded to Politico on Friday, saying that O'Reilly should explain why he donated to an organization run by someone who he has accused of being part of the "grievance industry." Click over to Politico for Sharpton's comments.

O'Reilly's revelation marked the latest exchange in the feud between the two hosts. They have been going back and forth for weeks now, since Sharpton criticized O'Reilly over comments he made about the George Zimmerman trial verdict.

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