Bill O'Reilly Dismisses Beck's Egypt Theory: 'No Evidence' (VIDEO)

During the weekly "At Your Beck And Call" segment on his Friday show, Bill O'Reilly dismissed Glenn Beck's theory about the Egyptian revolution--namely, that it marks the beginning of an alliance between Communists and Islamic fundamentalists and will lead to a new caliphate across the Middle East and into Europe.

Beck repeated the theory to a skeptical O'Reilly, saying that the world is "seeing the beginning of the 'coming insurrection.'"

He said that the goal of the movement was "revolution" and "the end of the Western way of life," and that it would end in a caliphate. He also repeated his assertion that a recent New York Times article had validated this theory, because it showed that the Egyptian revolution was being organized by people from a wide range of political ideologies.

"I don't know if that's news to anyone," O'Reilly said. The Internet, he continued, made it much easier for people to say, "'everybody show up in the square.'"

"It's community organizing on a global scale," Beck said. O'Reilly was still skeptical.

"I know they're not going to be able to overthrow the army," he said. "I don't see that. But you do see it." Then Beck said that the revolution was coming to America and Europe, something which O'Reilly completely rejected.

"I don't see the constituency in Britain, in Germany, in the United States, I don't see it," he said.

"You don't have to," Beck said. O'Reilly said that, even if people tried, "they can't change governments and they can't seize power."

"I hope you're right," Beck said.

"There's no evidence that says I'm not right," O'Reilly replied.