Here's The One Question Bill O'Reilly Is Dying To Ask Beyonce


Bill O'Reilly can't seem to stop talking about Beyonce as a threat to society, and now he wants to talk to her face-to-face on his show.

The Fox News host has taken issue with Beyonce as of late for her recent videos that he said are "raunchy" and send the wrong message to young girls. O'Reilly then told David Letterman on "Late Show" Friday night that if Beyonce ever came on his show (which will probably never happen), he already knows exactly what question he would ask her.

"Here's my question for Beyonce if she ever came on my program," O'Reilly said. "She has $350 million in the bank...she doesn't have to do this. I mean some of these thugs, that's all they can do. But she doesn't have to!"

O'Reilly went on to argue that Beyonce influences girls "who don't have responsible parents," and then preceded to give her some advice, which--again--she will probably never hear.

"Look, these girls love you-- they idolize you-- you have all the money you need," he said. "Do some uplifting stuff. You'll sell as many records."

Watch the video for the full clip.

(h/t: Mediaite)

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