Bill O'Reilly Tells Former Mexican President Border Wall Is 'Actually Humane'

"It would cut down on people and drug smuggling, two things that injure human beings."

Fox News host Bill O'Reilly continued his ardent support for a proposed wall along the U.S.-Mexico border on Wednesday, telling the country's former president such a structure "is actually humane."

O'Reilly told Vicente Fox, who was Mexico's leader from 2000 to 2006, that the wall -- an idea presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump popularized -- would "cut down on people and drug smuggling." Fox argued that measures like a languishing immigration reform act proposed more than a decade ago would actually be better for both countries. But the host wasn't having it: 

O'Reilly: Patrolled vigilantly on both sides, on both sides, I think a border wall is actually humane. Because it would cut down on people and drug smuggling, two things that injure human beings as you know. So where am I going wrong?


My hypothesis is that the wall would save lives, alright? Would be good for Mexico and the United States. Because it would take a lot of the power away from the smugglers, many of whom are cartel members and it would save, you know how people are abused. Poor people trying to get el norte. They are abused by these coyotes. You know that. 

Many political leaders and analysts have lambasted the idea of a border fence ever since Trump first said he'd build a "great, great wall" and make Mexico pay for it. In February, Fox likened Trump to Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler and said he wouldn't "pay for that fucking wall." The former president has since apologized to Trump for his use of profanity. 

But some voters have been listening to the businessman, and a vast majority of his supporters still favor such a proposal.

Watch the clip above.

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