Bill O'Reilly Rants About Cable News' 'Unbelievable' Coverage Of Missing Plane

O'Reilly Trashes Cable News Over Missing Plane Coverage

Bill O'Reilly could not contain his outrage over news coverage of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 on Tuesday night.

The flight, which went missing 12 days ago, has dominated the news cycle to the chagrin of some critics. O'Reilly — who criticized coverage of the story last week — piled on with more criticism on Tuesday night, saying that cable news coverage of the missing plane has been "unbelievable" and "painful" to watch.

"When I'm watching this, I'm like throwing — I'm upset about it," he told Charles Krauthammer. "I know it's ratings obviously or people wanna watch the mystery, but it's now corrupting the news business I think."

Krauthammer agreed that ratings were driving coverage, and said that what bothered him most about the coverage was the case being treated as a "game when actually it was a terrible, terrible event. "

"There comes a point where it becomes a burlesque show, it becomes a farce and we've reached that point on this coverage," O'Reilly said. "When does Godzilla come in? And on another network they actually said aliens might've taken it. They actually said that on the air!"

That, of course, was a reference to CNN's Don Lemon, who wondered aloud whether a "supernatural" being was involved in the plane's disappearance.

Watch O'Reilly's comments in the clip above.

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