Bill O'Reilly's Latest Conspiracy Theory Is His Weirdest One Yet

The former Fox News host's fashion-related "tip of the day" didn't go over so well.

Former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly is out with a new conspiracy theory, and this one has nothing to do with politics. 

It’s all about the fashion industry. 

O’Reilly on Tuesday tweeted: 

Vanity sizing” has indeed led to clothing sizes changing over time, but it’s been much more of an issue in women’s clothing, and it’s not a recent phenomenon.  

O’Reilly’s “tip of the day” had attracted more than 3,200 comments within two hours of him tweeting it out, including these:

More than a few skewered O’Reilly for both his clothing conspiracy and for the millions of dollars ― including $32 million on a single case ― he reportedly spent to settle the sexual harassment lawsuits that ultimately cost him his job: 



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