Bill O'Reilly Defends CNN's 'Honest Mistake' (VIDEO)

Bill O'Reilly defended CNN on Monday against the torrent of criticism the network has received for its reporting error last week.

CNN and other outlets were forced to walk back their reporting on Wednesday after saying that a suspect had been taken into custody, when in fact, no arrest had been made.

On Monday night, O'Reilly asked Fox News contributor Bernie Goldberg if CNN deserved all the criticism it was getting. He referenced David Carr's column criticizing the network's coverage, and pointed out that Fox News, the Boston Globe and the Associated Press had also made the same mistake.

Goldberg acknowledged that covering breaking news "is not easy," and argued that CNN deserves "to take a hit, but only up to a point."

The contributor continued, "Not one reporter at CNN or Fox or any place else concocted these supposed facts. Not one reporter made stuff up in order to be a hero and get on the air with an exclusive."

"No, it was an honest mistake," O'Reilly agreed. "Absolutely an honest mistake." He went on to suggest that John King should have "outed" the source who gave him inaccurate information.



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