Bill O'Reilly Describes His Men's Room Encounter With Spike Lee (VIDEO)

Bill O'Reilly recounted on Monday night how Spike Lee once asked him in the men's room at a New York Knicks game, "You find any weapons of mass destruction in here?"

O'Reilly was talking to his ambush interview producer Jesse Waters, who had attempted in vain to interview Lee during an event on Martha's Vineyard over the weekend, when he related an experience with Lee:

"Spike Lee and I know each other a little bit, primarily from the New York Knicks game. I'm in the men's room. about 2 years ago, 3 years, Spike Lee comes walking into the men's room. Now I'm 6' 4", Spike is, what, 5' 2". So I'm at the urinal. Spike kind of saunters up two away from me. He looks up and he goes, "You find any weapons of mass destruction in here?" [Laughs] You got to give him props for that line."