The End Is Reportedly Near For Bill O'Reilly

Advertisers and activists have pressured Fox News to drop the controversial host amid a growing sexual harassment scandal.

Bill O’Reilly’s days appear to be literally numbered.

The Fox News host’s rumored departure from the network could come as early as this week, The Wall Street Journal reported, as sexual harassment allegations against O’Reilly continue to mount. According to New York magazine’s Gabe Sherman, Fox executives are hoping to announce the exit before O’Reilly returns from vacation next Monday.

Sherman said that the executives had planned an emergency meeting on Wednesday to discuss the issue, which was expected to also come up during a Thursday meeting of Fox’s board members.

The New York Times revealed this month that Fox had paid at least $13 million in settlements to people accusing O’Reilly of inappropriate behavior. In the weeks since that report came out, the charges against O’Reilly have continued to pile up and scores of advertisers have dropped his show.

The final nail in O’Reilly’s coffin may have been the loss of support from Rupert Murdoch’s two sons, James and Lachlan. According to New York magazine, the two men had urged their father to drop the embattled longtime host.

Rupert Murdoch took over as acting CEO of Fox News after the network’s founder Roger Ailes left the company amid his own sexual harassment scandal.

Among the newest allegations are reports that O’Reilly, who has denied all claims, referred to a black female colleague as “hot chocolate.”

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