Bill O'Reilly Doesn't Hold Back Talking About His Fox News Colleagues

Bill O'Reilly doesn't seem to care much about his network's newest show, from the sound of his latest interview.

O'Reilly sat down with colleague Geraldo Rivera for a conversation at the 92nd Street Y in New York City on Wednesday. New York magazine reported that O'Reilly was asked whether Fox News treats President Obama as fairly as President George W. Bush, and O'Reilly responded by going through the network's lineup.

He admitted that Steve Doocy is an "Obama basher" and Neil Cavuto isn't a fan of the president either. He labeled Shep Smith and Greta Van Susteren liberals, and said that Megyn Kelly doesn't have a political agenda.

O'Reilly also had this to say about the network's panel show at noon: “Outnumbered or Outsmarted, I don’t know what it is. Those people... I don’t know.”

“I’m tough on everybody,” he added about himself. Visit New York magazine for more.

Despite O'Reilly's claim that some of his colleagues are not conservative, there's no doubt that many conservatives prefer Fox News to other cable news channels.