Bill O'Reilly Says We Don't Have A Free Press Because It's Too Liberal

... but he says Fox News is totally fair.

Bill O’Reilly of Fox News defended President Donald Trump’s attacks on the press ― including calling the media the “enemy of the American people” ― by claiming that we don’t really have a free press anyway. 

“The Founding Fathers gave us specific freedoms so we could tell you how the people in power were behaving,” he said on “The O’Reilly Factor” on Monday night. “But when the press aligns itself with a political movement ― in this case, liberalism ― then it is no longer objective or free.”

Of course, he exempted his own employer from that. 

“Some believe that the Fox News Channel is not fair and free,” he said. “I dispute that, pointing to analysis of our on-air personnel. We put forth both sides.” 

O’Reilly also insisted that he doesn’t have an agenda “other than an honest presentation.”

He concluded that the American press must “ditch its outwardly liberal bent” in order to regain respect.  

Check out the full segment above.  



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