Bill O'Reilly Attacks Media Coverage Of Gay Marriage (VIDEO)

Bill O'Reilly laid into the media on his Thursday Fox News show for its coverage of President Obama's newly-announced support for same-sex marriage.

In a Talking Points Memo titled, "The Politics of Gay Marriage," O'Reilly criticized the media for what he called "demonizing" those who oppose same-sex marriage.

"Largely because of the press," O'Reilly said, "it is almost impossible to have an honest debate in this country about gay marriage." He added, "If you oppose it, you're a bigot, a homophobe, you are a terrible person. Most of the media will not even consider the traditional point of view on marriage."

O'Reilly then singled out the New York Times. He said the paper ran a story on Wednesday charging that he and a guest on his Fox News show complained about Chaz Bono's participation on the ABC reality show, "Dancing With The Stars." O'Reilly replayed his comments from that show to demonstrate that he did not complain about Bono. The Times' Brain Stelter, who wrote the piece, tweeted that O'Reilly's criticism was on point. The Times ran a correction acknowledging that O'Reilly's guest, not the host himself, complained about Bono.