Bill O'Reilly, Glenn Beck Defend Fox News Against White House Criticism (VIDEO)

Bill O'Reilly, Glenn Beck Defend Fox New Against White House Criticism (VIDEO)

Fox News hosts Bill O'Reilly and Glenn Beck both defended their network tonight against White House criticism that the cable network is an outlet for GOP propaganda.

O'Reilly dismissed the criticism as unfounded and accused the Obama administration of viewing the situation through the prism of NBC and CNN, which he claims "clearly favored" Barack Obama over John McCain.

O'Reilly insisted that President Obama is treated fairly by Fox News even if it doesn't appear that way:

There's no question that Fox News is tougher on the Obama administration than the other TV operations because we actually have some conservative commentators on this network.

As for Beck, he announced that the White House is "more worried about the war on Fox than the actual war in Afghanistan," before pulling out some toys and attempting to mock the Obama administration.


Former "Special Report" host and current Fox News senior political analyst Brit Hume also defended the network Monday night, appearing on "Special Report" to make a comment about the White House's war against Fox News.

"There's an old adage often attributed to Mark Twain that advises against picking fights with people who buy ink by the barrel," Hume said. "Most presidents refrain from directly attacking particular media outlets, perhaps with that adage in mind or perhaps mindful of another old saying that it's a bad idea to get into a public fight with someone smaller than you are, because it diminishes you and elevates your opponent."


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