Bill O'Reilly Goes After Father Of 'David After Dentist' For Some Reason

Blimey. When I heard that Bill O'Reilly had TAKEN ON the maker of "David After Dentist," the father who shot a hilarious post of his son, still dizzy from the medication of a dental procedure, I thought to myself, "YES. He must have 'TAKEN IT ON' months and months ago back when this viral video was current." Everyone is way into Keyboard Cat right now. Me, personally, I am looking forward to the "Keyboard Cat Backlash," which should arrive tomorrow.

But, no, Bill O'Reilly was actually up in arms over this matter last Friday, and confronted the child's father, David Devore, on air for "exploiting his child." Devore explained to O'Reilly that his son was "well taken care of after the dental procedure and is doing great now." Devore went on to attest that the reaction "save a few" has been very positive. "It's an innocent exchange between a father and a son after a dentist appointment," Devore said. Good news, though: O'Reilly's verdict was "I don't think you are a bad guy." Why that matters to anyone is beyond me.

Anyway, parents live to embarrass their kids. It's what they do. Kids just have to learn to suck it up and deal. I think it takes about forty minutes for my mom and dad to tell a complete stranger how I behaved when I got home from having my wisdom teeth pulled, stoned out of my mind on laughing gas and percocet. The fact is, I wish there was a YouTube clip of that because I suspect they've been embellishing the story somewhat.

Also: I read at a very young age, and frequently got my hands on books that were way beyond my understanding. You should ask my parents what it was I thought I could do with an ornamental ostrich egg and an earthworm ten minutes after leafing through a book on human reproduction. It's embarrassing, believe me. Actually, you won't have to ask them! If experience is any guide, they'll tell you without prompting within ten minutes of meeting you. I think they use that story as an "icebreaker."

Anyway, it seems a little bizarre to accuse this kid's father of exploiting him on YouTube when O'Reilly himself is putting the video on one of America's top rated cable news programs.


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