Bill O'Reilly Had "Hissyfit" Over Sean Hannity's Sarah Palin Interview: The Wrap


The Wrap's Dylan Stableford reports that Sarah Palin has caused tension inside the halls of Fox News — namely, between its two biggest primetime stars, Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity.

Both hosts landed interviews with Palin, and both filmed their interviews Tuesday. But Hannity's is set to air Wednesday, while O'Reilly's will air in three parts: Thursday, Friday, and Monday nights.

Stableford quotes a Fox News insider as saying O'Reilly had a "hissyfit" over the fact that Hannity's interview with Palin would air first, so he released the following teaser of his Palin interview on his YouTube channel, a move Stableford characterized as "going rogue" and a "pre-emptive strike."


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