Bill O'Reilly and I Killed Bin Laden -- But the Liberal Media Doesn't Want You to Know

We were right there with Seal Team Six, Bill and me.

Please, don't call us heroes. We were just two patriotic Americans, doing our jobs.

And our job was to crash land the chopper, hustle up the stairs, and -- BAM! Send America's greatest foe on his way to a date with the Devil.

Now, if you looked around that compound in Abbottabad -- if you turned it inside out -- you think you'd find any zealots from the left wing media there?

You think they'd have the stones?


They'd be back the hotel, ordering room service.

But now, these same cowards are saying I wasn't there either, and neither was Bill.

Surprised? Don't be. These people aren't going to tell you the truth -- they hate the truth. Because truth gets in the way of tearing America down -- and of tearing down our troops.

Folks, here's the truth -- and you'll only get it here. I saw the photos of the Seal Team Six raid. And so did Bill, with his own eyes. Hell, we both saw the movie.

And we didn't turn away.

Could have stepped out for another Coke, or a Snickers.


But they don't want you to know that. They want you to think we're the liars.

They're running an orchestrated campaign, a hit job. They want you to think we said we were actually there with Seal Team Six.

As if that's what the words, "Right there with Seal Team Six," mean.


What part of, "We saw pictures," don't these pinheads understand?

What we meant is perfectly clear -- no matter how much the liberal media wants to twist it, or how much they want to apologize to our enemies for the brave actions of our troops.

I'm done talking about this. And so is Bill. And so is the management of Fox News -- the highest rated channel in cable, bar none.

But do you think that'll stop the also-rans and bottom-rungers? Of course not.

Just wait. They're going to come after us again. You heard it here first.

The next thing you know, they're going to claim that Bill and I didn't win World War Two.

World War Two! The war that saved civilization from the Nazis!

You think they won't? Mark my words.

Because these people?

They have no shame.