Bill O'Reilly Flips Out On Juan Williams Over Immigration

Arguing in favor of accepting undocumented children into the United States seems to be the quickest way to infuriate Bill O'Reilly these days.

The Fox News host and his panel were discussing conservative pundit George Will's recent call to assimilate the undocumented children being held at the US border into the country. Speaking on O'Reilly's show Monday, contributor Juan Williams agreed that children should not simply be deported.

O'Reilly — who has made his views on the border crisis clear — claimed that half of immigrant families receive entitlements, an argument that Williams dismissed by saying that the elderly and other groups also get entitlements. That set O'Reilly off.

The host declared Williams' ideas "insane," and alleged he was "dodging the consequences of an open border." The heated debate had O'Reilly jabbing his pen toward the camera and shouting at Williams, "You are an open border guy! That's who you are!" More shouting ensued.