Bill O'Reilly Challenges Jon Stewart To Debate Over Common (VIDEO)

UPDATE: Jon Stewart has accepted Bill O'Reilly's challenge to debate Common's White House appearance, Fox News announced Friday. Stewart will debate O'Reilly on Monday's "O'Reilly Factor."

ORIGINAL STORY: Bill O'Reilly took exception to Jon Stewart's takedown of Fox News over President Obama's invitation of rapper Common to the White House--and he challenged his high-profile frenemy to come on his show and debate the matter.

O'Reilly is just one of many Fox News anchors to object to Common, saying he supports the killing of police officers and the assassination of George W. Bush. (Both claims are, to put it mildly, debatable.)

Stewart delivered an epic response to the kerfuffle, complete with a rap of his own. On his Thursday show, O'Reilly said Stewart's rant was an "argument that gets us nowhere."

After playing footage of Stewart saying Fox News was spreading lies, O'Reilly said, "no lies here, Jon. and I would like to debate you about the Common situation because it's important."

He said he didn't care about anybody's "dopey" lyrics. "What we do care about," he continued, "is the President of the United States understanding that in this country there are with all due respect I think Jon Stewart made a big mistake trying to run down Fox News and defend Common and I look forward to Mr. Stewart coming on the 'Factor' to discuss it."