Bill O'Reilly: Jon Stewart Is 'Obtuse,' Works With 'Pinheads' (VIDEO)

WATCH: Bill O'Reilly Lashes Out At Jon Stewart

Foes Bill O'Reilly and Jon Stewart are in the midst of another disagreement.

O'Reilly used a portion of his "Reality Check" segment on his Monday night Fox News broadcast to respond to criticism lodged at him by the "Daily Show" host. Stewart lampooned O'Reilly for "lamenting" that "traditional Americans" did not reelect President Obama and therefore, "traditional America as we knew it is gone."

"Bill O'Reilly, what are you talking about?" Stewart asked on his program last week.

"Well here's what I'm talking about, Mr. Obtuse," O'Reilly responded. He said that the majority of people who voted for Obama "want a large government that spends heavily on entitlements becasue that reduces so-called income inequality." He continued, "They wanted equality for gays in the marriage arena. They want unfettered abortion with no parental notification for minors. They want a one world foreign policy that gives other nations equal status to America. Here's a bulletin to those pinheads at Comedy Central: 'Those are not traditional positions!' Clear about this?"

He later added that he was not lamenting anything, saying that he was in a "no lamenting zone."

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