Bill O'Reilly Shouts At Juan Williams Over DOJ Investigating James Rosen: 'Where's The Memo?!' (VIDEO)

WATCH: Bill O'Reilly Blows Up Over DOJ Scandal

Bill O'Reilly got into a shouting match with Juan Williams on Tuesday over the Department of Justice's investigation into Fox News' James Rosen.

The DOJ's media scandal deepened when it was recently reported that Attorney General Eric Holder personally signed off on search warrants for Rosen's personal emails. Williams defended Holder on Sunday, saying that the attorney “can’t see everything” and that other people had conducted the investigation.

O'Reilly did not let those comments go, telling Williams on Tuesday that his position was "lame." Williams argued that the DOJ's investigation of leaks was a matter of national security. O'Reilly countered that the allegations against Rosen were "fallacious and dumb and never happened, including Holder, yet he signed off on it.”

Williams began to agree, saying that Rosen was a "real journalist" and not a leaker on the scale of Julian Assange. “So what are you saying now?” O’Reilly said. “You’re saying that Holder made a foolish mistake and your defense of Holder is he can’t see everything. That’s absurd!”

Later, the Fox News host blew up when discussing the DOJ's claim that it sent Fox News a subpoena, something the network said it has no record of. "Hopefully that will be proven," Williams said about the DOJ's account.

"Hopefully? Where's the memo?!" O'Reilly shouted. "“And then you, Juan Williams, after all this, tell Hume – who I think wanted to punch you – that Holder should investigate all of this himself. How absurd is that!?”

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