Bill O'Reilly Blasts 'Corrupt Far Left Group' Media Matters, 'Puppet Master' George Soros

Sparked by the "Blockupy" protests outside of the European Central Bank headquarters in Frankfurt Wednesday night, Bill O'Reilly railed against the concept of big government and all the "crazy left-wing economic stuff" that goes along with it.

During O'Reilly's rant, the Fox News host called out a number of politicians and media organizations by name, accusing them of advancing socialistic economic ideologies inside the U.S.

"We do have a quasi-socialistic Senator in Elizabeth Warren, who, if Hillary Clinton goes down, could compete in the Democratic sweepstakes for president," O'Reilly said. "We also have Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, a socialist, who Vermont voters have elected 10 times."

But O'Reilly took special issue with George Soros, an investor who famously "broke the Bank of England" in 1992 by betting heavily against the British pound.

"Soros has now taken his ill-gotten gains and is financing the most radical left-wing organizations in America," O'Reilly said. "He is the shadow puppet master behind corrupt far-left groups like Media Matters."

"Soros has his tentacles into political organizations like the Center for American Progress," he continued, "which has provided operatives for the Obama administration, some of whom are now going over to Hillary Clinton's campaign."

Media Matters condemned the language O'Reilly used to attack Sterling, calling the imagery the Fox News host invoked anti-Semitic in nature.

"Depictions of Jewish people as 'puppet masters' controlling the government and the media are anti-Semitic stereotypes that go back decades," the progressive watchdog group wrote. "O'Reilly's claim that Soros' 'tentacles' have infiltrated the upper echelons of political society is also a play on overtly anti-Semitic imagery."

H/T Demos

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