Bill O'Reilly: Mitt Romney 'Gifts' Comments 'Right On The Money' (VIDEO)

O'Reilly Takes Credit For Romney's Latest Mega-Gaffe

Many Republicans may be backing away from Mitt Romney's so-called "gifts" comments, but one anchor is standing right behind the former presidential candidate: Bill O'Reilly.

Romney managed to cause himself trouble even after losing the election, when statements he made on a private call to donors surfaced in the media. Romney said that President Obama beat him because of the many "gifts" he made to core constituencies like African Americans, Latinos and young people.

This line of thinking happened to line up pretty closely with O'Reilly's widely-circulated comments on Election Night. The Fox News host said that Obama was winning because people wanted "stuff" and "things" and the president was more prepared to give it to them than Romney, the defender of "traditional" values, was.

Speaking on his Thursday show, O'Reilly defended Romney, and implied that the governor had drawn inspiration from him.

"As you may know, I did an analysis pretty much saying the same thing," he said. "And I think that's what Governor Romney picked up on."

Unsurprisingly, he found Romney's analysis "right on the money."

"When you get a tremendous amount of money flowing out of Washington into certain hands, the hands receiving that money are not going to want it to stop," he said. "Mr. Obama said quite clearly, 'if you vote for me, I'm going to give you money.'"

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