Bill O'Reilly: News Corp Being Attacked By 'Vicious' Opponents Exploiting Hacking Scandal (VIDEO)

O'Reilly: Hacking Scandal Being Exploited By 'Vicious' Left-Wing Enemies

Bill O'Reilly said that the phone hacking scandal is being exploited by "vicious" opponents of News Corp with an ideological agenda.

O'Reilly was speaking on his Tuesday show to Nile Gardner, a British member of the Heritage Foundation. O'Reilly noted that the scandal was a serious one, and said that any guilty journalists should be prosecuted. But then, he said that the scandal was being over-hyped.

"You have the New York Times absolutely running wild with the story," he said. "Front page, front page, front page. Column, column, column. Vicious stuff, vicious stuff. And it's all ideological, is it not?"

Gardner agreed, saying that there was a "witch hunt" against Murdoch and News Corp developing in the United States. He may have been referring to an FBI investigation currently looking into allegations about the phone hacking of 9/11 victims.

O'Reilly is just the latest News Corp employee to defend his employer. Fellow Fox News colleague Steve Doocy dismissed the scandal outright last week, and the Wall Street Journal issued a scathing rebuttal to the company's critics in a Monday editorial.


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